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AntiFreeze.NET can be launched in command-line interface. To do that, you should add any argument to executable's arguments. So


Calls AntiFreeze.NET GUI and

AntiFreeze.NET.exe something

Calls CLI. You can run any of thread that supports CLI by its thread Id. To obtain list of Ids, run

AntiFreeze.NET.exe list

To run some thread use following syntax:

AntiFreeze.NET.exe [command] <threadId> [params]

command - optional part, one of following:

threadId - thread Id obtained by list command.
params - are number of params for thread to run. Some threads can run without params.

After thread is executed, AntiFreeze.NET will be closed. The exceptions are Endless threads, they will run until you close them with console itself or by Ctrl+C hotkey in console.

Note: in CLI mode AntiFreeze.NET is not multithreaded. While AntiFreeze.NET (and its thread) is running, calling terminal session will be blocked.


Here are usage description of all threads can run from CLI.

Ping Monitor

Monitors the connection speed and latency by periodically sending pings.

Thread id: ping. Usage:

AntiFreeze.NET.exe ping %target%

Trace Route

Traces route to destination host and checks connection to all intermediate hosts.

Thread id: tracert. Usage:

AntiFreeze.NET.exe tracert %target%

Port Check

Check port(s) of host for accessibility from the Internet.

Thread id: portcheck. Usage:

AntiFreeze.NET.exe portcheck %destination% [%targetPort%]

Get External IP

Used to retrieve your external (from Internet-side) IP address.

Thread id: externalip. Usage:

AntiFreeze.NET.exe externalip

Get MAC Address

Retrieves MAC address for host by its IP address.

Thread id: getmac. Usage:

AntiFreeze.NET.exe getmac %ip%

Network Info

Prints network information of all up network interfaces of your PC.

Thread id: networkinfo. Usage:

AntiFreeze.NET.exe networkinfo

Get IP by Hostname

Retrieves IP address for given hostname.

Thread id: dnslookup. Usage:

AntiFreeze.NET.exe dnslookup %hostname%

Get Hostname by IP

Retrieves Hostname for given IP address.

Thread id: dnsrevlookup. Usage:

AntiFreeze.NET.exe dnsrevlookup %ip%

MAC Address Lookup

Retrieves vendor info by MAC address.

Thread id: maclookup. Usage:

AntiFreeze.NET.exe maclookup %mac%

Traffic Monitor

Monitors traffic and speed on given network interfaces.

Thread id: trafficmon. Usage:

AntiFreeze.NET.exe trafficmon

IP Scanner

Scans network for available hosts and their IPs.

Thread id: ipscanner. Usage:

AntiFreeze.NET.exe ipscanner %ip-range% [%mode%]

UPnP Discovery

Allows to detect surrounding UPnP devices and their services.

Thread id: upnpdiscovery. Usage:

AntiFreeze.NET.exe upnpdiscovery

UPnP Port Mapper

Allows to add NAT port mapping using UPnP protocol.

Thread id: upnpforward. Usage:

AntiFreeze.NET.exe upnpforward %remotePort% %protocol% %localPort%

UPnP Port Mapping Table

Retrieves port mapping tables from connected NAT-providing UPnP devices

Thread id: upnpmapping. Usage:

AntiFreeze.NET.exe upnpmapping